Grays Harbor Transit Looks at Cutting Weekend Buses

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Facing a tighter budget, and less federal grants, Grays Harbor Transit is looking at dropping weekend services in order to recover a projected deficit of nearly a million dollars. “As we take a look at this I think it’s going to be eliminating the weekend service. I need to put together how much we need to save and hopefully eliminating the weekends will be enough to do that.” General Manager Mark Carlin told the Transportation Authority Board yesterday with sales tax revenues looking more like 2010, and missing the mark on an important grant by a third, he’s looking at where and when cuts should be made. “I thought well maybe we could back through the schedules and thin those out again, and keep the weekends. I did that and it poked so many huge holes in Monday through Friday schedules that I’m afraid we’d loose at least half the riders.”
GH TransitCarlin said they would only generate about 30-thousand more if they were to raise rates by a quarter, but that current rates were already inline with comparable public transportation.
If they have to reduce service, the labor union agreement allows for layoffs by seniority, Carlin said he will work this month on what those reductions will look like and report to the board next month.