Just a Drill Today, “Every 32 Minutes” at Hoquiam High School

HOQUIAM, Wash. – Sirens and choppers at the Hoquiam High School today are just a drill, as students will be medically evacuated, bodies pulled from a wrecked car, other students will be pronounced dead.
It’s all part of the “Every 32 Minutes” program taking place today at Hoquiam High School.
Susan Bradbury with the Grays Harbor’s Target Zero Task Force tells us Every 32 minutes someone in the US is killed by an impaired driver. students today will hear the dispatch report of a collision every 32 minutes, while others will read the carefully crafted obituaries of their friends over the PA system.
A grim reaper will visit classrooms and pick out “victims,” who will will not interact with other students for the rest of the day. Students will also see a mock car crash with full paramedic response, as well as the investigation and arrest of a fellow classmate for driving while under the influence.
The event is presented by Grays Harbor’s Target Zero Task Force, Local police, and area schools. Bradbury tells us this will be the fifth year for this successful program on the harbor.

AHS Every 32 Program Last Year

(Photo: AHS Every 32 Program in 2012)