Animal Planet Show to Feature Western Washington Shark Fishing

RAYMOND, Wash. – Sevengill sharks of the Pacific Northwest will hit the spotlight as the Animal Planet show Off The Hook: Extreme Catches comes to Willipa Bay this week. Raymond shark fishing guides Seven Gill Outfitters welcome host, novice outdoorsman and professional wrestler Showtime Eric Young and his Animal Planet film crew for a Department of Fish and Wildlife approved 3-day run for the sevengill shark in Willapa Bay. The state earlier this year closed the fisheries for sixgill, sevengill, or thresher sharks.

landing a SevengillCaptain Kelly Barnum tells us “If all goes well, and the sharks cooperate, the Sevengill Sharks of the Northwest, will be known and much more understood nationwide.” Barnum went on to thank all those involved in making the fishery happen “I would just like to state that without the cooperation of all of our supporters, the staff of WDFW, and Part 2 Pictures none of this would be possible. THANK YOU”

Northwest Shark Preservation Society Barnum teamed up with the Northwest Shark Preservation Society, last season to start a massive tagging and data collection research project. The team will be at it again, catching and studying the amazing sharks of Willapa and Grays Harbor to better understand their movements and habits. Barnum said his guides have also been approved to offer research trips to the general public, “These fish are very important to our estuaries ecosystem and it is vital that they are understood and properly managed.”

Barnum also commended NWSPS members, Greg Harris and Dennis Jones for their incredible work helping organize and conduct this important research. For more info on the research plans or how you can help out got to

Off The HookOff the Hook: Extreme Catches showcases some of the hardest playing and hardest working fisherman in the country, some of whom have pioneered ingenious and insane methods of catching fish for both profit and play.