Washington State Launches New Website for Coastal and Ocean Planning

“With an ever-increasing number of competing uses in our marine waters, the advancement of marine spatial planning in Washington state is critical if we are to limit costly user conflicts,” Ranker said. “Washington’s marine spatial planning will allow us to protect critical existing uses, such as fishing and aquaculture, while advancing new opportunities, such as offshore renewable energy. With this planning process, we can protect our coastal and ocean resources and the jobs that depend upon them.”

Visitors can use the website to:

  • Join a listserv to get updates on the planning process.
  • Learn more about marine spatial planning projects and events.
  • Get basic information about marine spatial planning.

Marine spatial planning generally uses maps to create a more comprehensive picture of a marine area—identifying natural resources and habitat in the ocean and coastal areas and the location of human activities that may affect them.

In June, the website will offer an interactive data mapping tool, which will provide information on human uses, habitats, marine life, oceanography, and infrastructure. Website visitors will be able to use this interactive tool to view and print maps, as well as search and download data.

Visit the Marine Spatial Planning website at www.msp.wa.gov.         

Core agencies involved in the interagency marine spatial planning effort include:

  • Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
  • Washington Department of Ecology
  • Washington Sea Grant
  • Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW)
  • Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission