Cosmopolis Postpones 2013 Festival In The Park, Possibly 2014

COSMOPOLIS, Wash. – The Festival in the Park will not be in the park this summer, in fact Mayor Vickie Raines said it’s cancelled this year, and probably next “at this late date it’s a pretty good stretch to try and contact vendors and get that up and going, so we’re going to postpone. Our goal is to forgo it this year, and potentially next year.”
The Festival was moved from Mill Creek Park to the elementary school when The Mill Creek dam broke in 2008. The park re-opened in 2011 but since the breach, both the name and location of the annual event have been in flux. In 2011 Mayor Raines said “We’ve had mixed comments on whether to have it back at the park because the park’s open again, or keep it at the school. We’ve had comments [like] if you’re going to keep it at the school then you shouldn’t call it Festival in The Park.”
Raines said this morning that with possible funding from the state to repair the dam, she’s hoping to get the festival back to the park by 2015.