Comment Deadline Today for Portion of Westway CBR Upgrade, QIN Dissaproves

HOQUIAM, Wash. – Up for comment deadline today is the Mitigated Determination of Non-Significance for Westway Terminal’s SEPA review, as part of their permit process to upgrade Hoquiam facilities for exporting crude oil.
The Quinault Indian Nation has submitted their protest, comparing crude by rail to coal export facilities that are required to go through the full environmental impact statement review process. The comment submitted this week also faulted the decision for not considering the cummulative impact of three CBR facilities on the harbor.

The Quinault Indian Nation has an obvious and keen interest in protecting the fish and
fish habitat that it relies on in Grays Harbor to exercise its federally-guaranteed treaty fishing  rights, as well as the traditional areas used for gathering plants for traditional cultural use.
Additionally, the Quinault Nation’s treaty fishing right includes a right of access to its traditional fishing areas and any impact to that right is an unconstitutional taking of a property right. These collective federally-protected treaty rights must be considered and addressed—the State of Washington cannot take actions that impinge the Quinault Indian Nation’s treaty rights.

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