Grays Harbor Dispatch Celebrates Public Safety Telecommunications Week With Awards

In recognition of the public safety dispatcher’s critical role in the protection of life and property and the preservation of society and law, Governor Jay Inslee has proclaimed this week as Public Safety Telecommunications Week, April 14th through 20th


During the week long celebration, Grays Harbor E9-1-1 took the opportunity to present the agency’s annual Telecommunicator Recognition Awards for exemplary job performance.


  • Loanne Travess was selected to receive the Outstanding Sustained Job Performance Award for her continued knowledge and dedication.


  • Jaimie Green was selected to receive the Critical Incident Award for her role in handling a CPR call.


  • Loanne Travess was recognized with the Special Projects Award for her work in spreading the Christmas spirit by creating a yearly agency ornament to recognize all the employees that have assisted the agency in completing its mission throughout the year.


The Telecommunicator of the Year Awards will be presented at the 9-1-1 Operating Board meeting on April 9th at 830 am.