Port of Grays Harbor Grants Lease Option for Crude Oil Project in Hoquiam

HOQUIAM, Wash. – Port officials yesterday put a ring on the finger of US Development LLC, to begin a two year process that could build a crude oil export facility to Terminal 3 in Hoquiam. Prior to granting a lease option on the property, Attorney Art Blauvelt explained to the commissioner yesterday morning “Grant of the option will give Grays Harbor Terminals a right to proceed with it’s permitting [and] developing it’s financial plan.”
The local subsidiary to US Development plans to build 6 to 8 bulk liquid storage tanks near Willis Enterprises in West Hoquiam, the agreement included repairs to the Hoquiam river rail bridge to accommodate the traffic. The company has 24 months on the property to get their project shovel ready.
Business Development Manager Kevin Laborne said last month that if the project goes through, the company plans to invest more than $60-million in the site, which would support 30 to 50 full time jobs at full operation.