Local Audubon members spread the joy of spring birding

GH Audubon SocietyThe talks will be illustrated with gorgeous slides of Grays Harbor birds. The presenters will bring along checklists of area birds for those who like to checkmark those they’ve spotted. Strong and O’Neil will also bring their binoculars to show desirable features for birdwatchers (light weight, for one) and to demonstrate that you don’t have to buy expensive equipment to enjoy birding.

In fact, Ms. Strong said: “What I mostly want birding to be for people is fun—as well as a learning experience, and a lifetime hobby if they enjoy it.” Speaking of fun, both women can likely be persuaded to demonstrate and teach a couple of bird calls.

Strong is a retired biologist and O’Neil is a naturalist at the Lake Quinault Lodge. Both are active in the Audubon Society’s Grays Harbor chapter, one of the founders of the annual Shorebird Festival (April 26 to 28 this year). The chapter’s website is http://ghas.org.

The Elma Timberland Library is at 118 N First Street; telephone: (360) 482-3737. The McCleary Timberland Library is at 121 S 4th Street; telephone: (360) 495-3368. For more information, contact one of the libraries or visit www.TRL.org