Kilmer Applauds Military Investment in Governor Inslee’s Budget Priorities

Carol Evanoff, President of the Puget Sound Naval Bases Association said, “The PSNBA applauds Governor Inslee for recognizing the economic importance of investing in defense communities in our state. The projects identified in his budget priorities document will help to solidify the military missions in our state and improve the community surrounding them.”

In a letter sent to Governor Inslee earlier this year, Representative Kilmer urged consideration of identified infrastructure and transportation improvements around military installations to enhance the quality of life for service members, civilian employees, and local communities. Representative Kilmer also encouraged Governor Inslee to help military installations maintain their mission readiness by procuring surrounding lands to prevent civilian encroachment on Department of Defense training and testing ranges. These actions help to protect civilians, preserve critical habitat, and solidify the presence of the region’s largest employer.