Westport Shipyard Announces Layoffs at Four Locations

WESTPORT, Wash. – The Westport Shipyard over the weekend laid off dozens from it’s Western Washington locations. When asked exactly how many, Human Resources Manager Jennifer Swogger said from the company’s Port Angeles office “We have no comment, I can tell you that we did reductions at both of our Port Angeles facilities, as well as Hoquiam and Westport.
Swogger said the reductions spanned the companies’ Washington locations, and cited market conditions as the reason for the layoffs “The reduction is reflective of the current market conditions for premiere luxury yachts.”
Westport ShipyardAt the height of a market that ebbs and flows with the tide Westport Shipyard has employed nearly 1000. Since it’s founding in 1964, has completed a total of more than 120 yachts and many commercial vessels. The most recent yacht from the company, the Westport 112, was featured in the December edition of Yachts International.
While those numbers won’t be reflected in numbers released today, Unemployment went up in February for Grays Harbor, while Pacific County saw a decrease last month. Grays Harbor reported the 3rd highest unemployment rate in the state behind Ferry and Pend Orielle.