Kilmer Letter Calls on Boehner to Replace Across-the-Board Cuts

They write, “We do not accept the status quo that Washington is broken. We urge you to come to the table to work with us on this. We came here to solve problems for our constituents and we will work with you day and night until we find a balanced, long-term solution to replace these mindless cuts.”

From day one, Representative Kilmer has called on Congress to stop the across-the-board cuts and replace them with a balanced, long-term solution to our economic problems. In addition to speaking about this on the House floor, Representative Kilmer has also published an op-ed in the Kitsap Sun and held roundtable meetings with those who could be affected by the cuts. The morning the cuts took effect, Representative Kilmer stood outside the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard gate to speak with shipyard workers who may be furloughed because of these cuts.  

Kilmer Boehner Letter