Removal Process Begins for Tsunami Dock Near Forks

How will the dock be removed?

Using helicopters, workers will bring equipment to dock’s location on the beach to begin work. Equipment will include a mini excavator, generator, pumps, hand tools and concrete sawing equipment, as well as survival equipment for safety precautions.

Due to winter weather and sea conditions, sand and cobble has surrounded and partially covered the dock. Once the dock is exposed, workers will cut up sections of the dock that can be airlifted out.

The contractor will take care to keep the foam as intact as possible, while disassembling the dock. As the foam is exposed, it will be immediately contained and removed by helicopter. Because of the potential environmental hazards and buoyancy, the foam’s removal from the worksite will take priority.

Work is planned to take place during daylight hours during the next several days depending on safety conditions, weather and tides.

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