‘Mini Music Festival’ and St Patrick’s Day Parade in Grays Harbor

St Patrick’s Weekend Activities 2013

Galway Bay 8th Street Ale House

Fri 3/15 Ocean Shores Hoquiam

7pm Johnny Whelan Oliver Mulholland

8pm Hank Cramer Oliver Mulholland

9pm Hank Cramer Dan Hausler

10pm Hank Cramer Dan Hausler

11pm Oliver Mulholland Dan Hausler

12am Oliver Mulholland

Sat 3/16 Galway Bay Ale House 7th Street Theatre

1pm Oliver

6pm Cynthia Bjore

6:15pm Mens Choir

6:45pm Johnny Whelan Dan Hausler

7:15pm Johnny Whelan Intermission

7:45pm Oliver Hank Cramer

8:45pm Jacob Jones Heavy Hammer

9:30pm Oliver Cynthia Bjore

10pm Jacob Jones Dan Hausler

10:30pm Heavy Hammer Hank Cramer

11pm Oliver Hank Cramer

12am Jacob Jones Hank Cramer

1am Heavy Hammer

Sun 3/17 Galway Bay Ale House

11am Heavy Hammer St Pat’s Run starts at Ale House

12pm Johnny Whelan Heavy Hammer

1pm Dan Hausler Hank Cramer Parade starts at Galway Bay

2pm Dan Hausler Hank Cramer w/ Heavy Hammer

3pm Heavy Hammer Irish Trivia

4pm Doyle & Olson Jacob Jones

5pm Irish Trivia Jacob Jones

6pm Hank Cramer Jacob Jones

7pm Hank Cramer Dan Hausler

8pm Heavy Hammer Dan Hausler

9pm Jacob Jones Dan Hausler

10pm Jacob Jones Dan Hausler

12pm Hank Cramer


News Director of Jodesha Broadcasting since October 2007. Dave Haviland moved to Grays Harbor in 1979 and graduated from Aberdeen High School in 1993.