City of Montesano Considers ‘Moonlighting’ Policy

Montesano, WA City council last night debated city employees moonlighting, and what would constitute a conflict of interest if they do. Community Development Director Mike Wincewicz gave one example “I could [notify] the City Administrator I’m going to be framing houses in the city of Montesano on the weekends….. I won’t be inspecting them until Monday.”
But what if the conflict of interest is that your second job might make you ‘too tired’ to perform at your first? The question came up when Public works employee Ryan Watkins, also an assistant coach in Elma, said last night “The second job that I have helps pay my bills, and if I come to you guys and ask to do that and you say no? I don’t have the money just to work for the city of Montesano and not work somewhere else to make ends meet.
The council last night was asked to consider crafting a policy on outside employment of city employees, Councils Ken Walkington and Chris Hutchings had issue with the difference between notifying the city, and asking for permission. “Unless I’m mistaken slavery was outlawed in 1865. I understand why we would want to be notified. I don’t feel that the city, in this case the government, has the right to determine for an individual whether they should or should not have outside employment.”
Attorney Dan Glenn said the city needed a policy in place to define the boundaries. The proposed policy was returned to the personnel committee for further study.