Alice Hutchinson Awarded Key to Montesano

MONTESANO, Wash. – It’s not every day that the mayor presents a citizen with the key to the city. Under the guise of a night out, family and friends gathered in the Montesano city council chamber last night to honor longtime resident Alice Hutchinson.
Mayor Ken Estes said last night before the council “I would like to present this key to the city to you Alice, and to say thank you very much for everything you do in our city.”
Mayor Ken Estes and Alice Hutchinson
Estes read from a laundry list of organizations and events that Hutchinson has donated her time to, including the Methodist Church Harvest Festival Dinner “…and if you have not been approached to buy a ticket, you have not lived in Montesano very long.”
Alice was a little choked up in a packed council chamber “There is nothing outside of my family and friends, and I love this city, we’re so lucky. I’m going to cry in a minute so I’m going to stop myself.” Estes interrupted, “we’re not going to let you cry because we’ve only got an hour.”
Estes said he believed this is only the be the second time in the town’s history that the key to the city has been awarded, in 2011 former mayor Ron Schillinger presented a key to Pat Clemons.