Mason County Sheriff’s Office to Host K9 Training Conference

Jeff SchettlerJeff Schettler is a Police K9 Trainer and a retired police K9 handler. He has worked for the Alameda Police Department, Amador County Sheriff’s Department, and was attached to the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team’s K-9 Assistance Program designed to apprehend high risk fugitives. Jeff is considered an expert witness in the areas of scent evidence and trailing.
Jeff is the author of “Red Dog Rising”, a chronological account of his police K9 work with Ronin, a modern police bloodhound.  Red Dog Rising won the 2009 Dog Writers Association of America’s Best Service Dog Book Award.   Jeff’s second book, a trailing training manual The“Straightest Path K9 Trailing”  was published in October 2012. He is a frequent contributor to various dog magazines and is the K9 Trailing writer for K9 Cop Magazine.
According to Sgt. Trevor Severance, “this seminar is an exciting opportunity for handlers from multiple disciplines to train in our interesting and challenging environment. We hope this year’s conference is a success and this can become an annual event.”
For more information about this event, Contact Sgt. Trevor Severance via Email.
For more information of Georgia K9 visit their Website.