Remembering Those Affected by The 2011 March Tsunami in Japan

The agenda for the day includes:
· Welcome, crane display, and moment of silence
· Speech from the Mayor of Long Beach
· Reading of Consulate-General of Japan’s Statement
· Director of the World Kite Museum will welcome kite flyers 
· Kite flyers will fly their kites at the beach 
People are encouraged to visit the World Kite Museum the morning of March 10th to look at the Japanese kite display and to make an origami crane or two. In Japanese legend, making 1,000 origami cranes brings eternal good luck or a wish. To bring luck to Japan, people are invited to make cranes at the museum before or after the event. The cranes will be displayed through the middle of June. If you are interested in making cranes prior to the event a template and instructions are available on the Pacific County Emergency Management Agency Facebook page at Please bring them to the museum on March 10th.