WSP: Your VIN is a Special Snowflake

VIN officers also perform inspections on vehicles when there is a VIN discrepancy, records dispute, or when vehicle ownership is in doubt. The VIN officers do not determine the safety of vehicle components or conduct emissions testing.

In the last two years, over 52,000 vehicles were inspected by WSP VIN officers in one of 24 inspection stations located around the state. During that same period, fifty-six stolen vehicles were recovered by VIN officers.

Recently, a motorcycle was presented for inspection. During the inspection process, The VIN plate and sticker were checked to make sure they are authentic and were also checked against state and federal stolen vehicle databases. It was discovered that the motorcycle had been reported stolen over 37 years ago. It would not have been recovered if the motorcycle had not been inspected by the WSP VIN program.

For more information on the VIN program, inspection stations locations and how to schedule an appointment click on: Vehicle Identification Inspections – Washington State Patrol