Private forest landowners receive help on salmon recovery

See how local communities, fish and small forest landowners benefit from the Family Forest Fish Passage Program. Watch the video at:

The video was produced by three state agencies: The Washington Department of Natural Resources, Recreation and Conservation Office, and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Culvert Removal

To help protect salmon and maintain the economic benefits of forestlands, state Forest Practices Rules require forest landowners to remove fish barriers by 2016. The 2003 Legislature established the Family Forest Fish Passage Program because eliminating fish barriers, such as culverts, where roads cross streams can be costly for the small woodland owner. The program provides 75 to 100 percent of the cost of correcting a barrier by installing a new, fish-passable culvert or bridge. Since 2003, nearly 200 landowners have used the program to replace 244 barriers and open more than 530 miles of stream habitat. And, as the video shows, the program is poised to do a lot more.