1961 Film “Ring of Fire” Showing in Shelton

SHELTON, Wash. – The Mason County Historical Society is showing the 1961 film “Ring of Fire” on two dates in March. This film was partially shot near Grisdale in Grays Harbor County, and includes the sacrifice of a wynoochee river rail bridge and steam locomotive, the remains of which are still there today.
The movie is about an outlaw (Frank Gorshin) and his girlfriend (Joyce Taylor) who are arrested by a local Sherriff, played by David Janssen. While they are being transported to jail they escape and during their run from the law start a forest fire that threatens a small town.

Ring Of Fire Poster

GP#9 crossing the tressle in flamesThe only way to escape the fire is by train, which leads to the climactic scene of the burning and collapse of a train trestle across the Wynoochee River.

The Shelton Cinemas will host the showings on March 16th at 11 a.m. and March 18th at 7 p.m. Tickets are just $5 and can be picked up at the Shelton Cinemas located at 517 West Franklin, or the Museum on the corner of 5th and Railroad Avenue in Shelton.

The Society’s facebook page says “Get your tickets early because the last time this movie played about 60 people were turned away at the door.”