Goose-control plan in place at Deception Pass State Park

The first phase of the goose-control plan, currently under way, involves non-lethal methods such as hazing by dogs, shoreline fencing, coyote cutouts and spraying lawns with a sour-tasting extract. If these approaches do not work, a second phase would include a roundup of geese by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for euthanasia during the warm season. 

Canada Geese are a non-native species in the Puget Sound area. Historically, geese would migrate through the area, however, over time they have become residential non-migratory, due to favorable conditions created by landscaping and lawns. During the past few years, growing numbers of the geese have been living along the shores of the lake. 

In addition to the public health concerns at the swim beach, the geese feces are creating conditions that pose risk to the ecology of Cranberry Lake longer term. The feces enrich the water with phosphates, nitrates and organic nutrients that promote an abundant growth of algae. As the algae dies and decays, it depletes the dissolved oxygen supply needed by other aquatic life, resulting in a lake with recurrent fish kills and blue-green algae blooms, or cyano-bacteria, some of which produce toxins or poisons that can kill pets, waterfowl and other animals, in addition to causing severe human illness.

Large numbers of geese in the area also pose risk to aircraft at the naval base on the island.

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