Montesano Tables “E-Verify or Nothing” Ordinance

MONTESANO, Wash. – The city of Montesano this week tabled adoption of the federal E-Verify program as a requirement of contracting with the city, mostly because of the wording in the ordinance “E-Verify or nothing.”
Councilmen Klinger, Streeter, and Hutchings noted that the e-verify-provided document seemed a bit limited. Klinger said during the council meeting Tuesday night “It says they shall provide written certification that the contractor has implemented the e-verify program. Well there are other avenues for them to document their workers that I’m not seeing as being able to accept it.” Streeter added, “It’s e-Verify or nothing.”
The city will circle back on the ordinance after attorney Dan Glenn has some time with the document, the Hoquiam council passed a similar ordinance last month.