Citizen Reports Stop Car Prowl, Help Aberdeen Police

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Police last week thanked citizens that reported suspicious acitivity surrounding a vehicle prowl incident on East Second street in Aberdeen on Thursday. Police Captain John Green tells us the 26 year old Hoquiam man was caught in the act, and told officers he was trying to steal a parked red truck because he was looking at extensive jail time on weapons and assault charges. The responding officers located the red truck in the 200 block of North H street. Green said the suspect told them that he was “looking at 90 months” due to unrelated charges of assault 2nd and possession of a weapon. The ignition of the truck was punched, parts of the dash were hanging down and the ignition had pry marks on it. The officers reported that the damage appeared fresh.
Officers arrested the suspect Thursday afternoon for Theft of a Motor Vehicle, and Possession of a Dangerous Weapon, the man also had a felony warrant and various Aberdeen warrants.

The 26 year old Hoquiam male was transported to the City of Aberdeen jail and booked without incident.

Green said citizen reports were key to the prevention of a vehicle theft and aided in the arrest of the suspect on serious charges.

The Aberdeen Police Department is very appreciative of our citizens like those in this case that report suspicious activity to us. The report by the citizens in this case were key to the prevention of a vehicle theft and the arrest of the suspect on serious charges.