Aberdeen Officers Serve Search Warrant, Close Street

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Officers from Aberdeen and Hoquiam closed off a block of 8th street in Aberdeen this morning to serve a search warrant in the 100 block. Aberdeen police captain John Green said from the scene this morning “We’ve had a lot of complaints on activity from the neighbors at this residence. Aberdeen police patrol, and detectives have been doing a lot of emphasis work on it. That work resulted in the application and granting of a search warrant for that residence and that’s what we’re doing here.”
Green said detectives had information that up to 9 people had been staying in the 3000 square foot home. “All of them are well known to law enforcement, many of them are convicted felons.”


News Director of Jodesha Broadcasting since October 2007. Dave Haviland moved to Grays Harbor in 1979 and graduated from Aberdeen High School in 1993.