Area Mayors Get Preview of Crude By Rail Meeting

MONTESANO, Wash. – Grays Harbor County Mayors got a preview of a Crude-by-rail workshop coming up next week, Montesano mayor Ken Estes told his council at their regular meeting this week “These are four separate business proposals; the gathering of the crude, the shipping to the port, and the two storage facilities, plus the port tying it all together. They’re all independent of each other, an estimated outlay of private money is over $100-million.
Estes likened the export infrastructure to AGP’s “grain-by-rail,” except that crude by rail, or CBR leaving Grays Harbor would head South, instead of West. “The big difference is crude drawn from US soil cannot be exported, and must be refined in the US. As such it’ll be hauled by barge and inter-coastal tankers from the port to refineries along the Pacific coast.
The mayors met at the Port of Grays Harbor on the 15th of January to hear from interested parties including Imperium Grays Harbor, Westway Terminal, and US Development. The Port of Grays Harbor will hold an informational workshop on crude-by-rail at 5:30 Wednesday January 30th, at the Aberdeen Rotary Log Pavilion.