Grays Harbor PUD Crews Respond to Outages in Hoquiam and Elma Areas

Aberdeen- Grays Harbor PUD crews responded to two power outages last night and early this morning impacting approximately 1,100 customers in the Hoquiam area and approximately 200 customers in the Elma area.  

A vehicle striking a pole at 9:42pm last night in the 100 block of Endresen in the Hoquiam area caused the outage impacting about 1,100 customers.  The power was restored to most customers by 11:03pm. Power was restored to the remaining customers at 3:32am.

 A power line down at Sund Road and Delezenne Road in the Elma area was the cause of an outage impacting about 200 customers at 1:14am. Power was restored at 6:07am. There was no indication what caused the wire to come down.