Goldmark Re-Elected Chair of State Board of Natural Resources

Commissioner of Public Lands
As the elected Commissioner of Public Lands, Goldmark oversees the state’s largest fire department, protecting 12.7 million acres of private and state-owned land from wildfires. As Commissioner, he also chairs the state Forest Practices Board, which sets rules concerning logging, road building, and other forest operations. Goldmark is the state’s 13th Commissioner of Public Lands.

Board of Natural Resources
The Board adopts policies, approves major commodity sales, and makes decisions about transactions of state lands managed by DNR. Its membership represents the major beneficiaries of state trust lands, including construction of public schools, universities, and prisons as well as support for hospitals, libraries and other services in 21 of the state’s counties.

DNR manages millions of acres of state trust lands to raise money for the construction of public schools, colleges and universities, prisons, and other institutions and to help pay for services, such as hospitals and libraries, in several counties. Since 1970, DNR-managed state trust lands have provided nearly $3 billion in non-tax revenue to beneficiaries. The department also manages about 2.6 million acres of aquatic lands.