Support The Albatross Motel Owners With The Langworthy Relief Fund

     The Albatross was not only their business but their home as well. On the day of the fire, they managed to escape only with their lives and their dog "Foxy". In a matter of minutes their lives were changed forever. It would be hard to imagine what it would be like to loose your job, your house, all the family cars…….basically everything you know in just one afternoon.
     The Langworthy's aren't people who would ask for help themselves, but they need help in order to rebuild their lives. Please help show your support for this local Washington family who have suffered such a devestating loss. Contributions can be made at any branch of Anchor Bank or Bank of America under the following.                

                                "Langworthy Family Relief Fund".
Any other support can be sent to P.o. Box 1546, Westport, Wa 98595.
Thank you for your support.