Projected Budget Tops Legislative Send-off Topics

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Business leaders throughout Grays Harbor talked with state lawmakers yesterday at the annual Legislative Send-Off hosted by Greater Grays Harbor Inc. at the Rotary Log Pavillion in Aberdeen. Senator Jim Hargrove said “Revenues are up a little bit, and actually caseload savings are four or five hundred million dollars and that’s because we have resized government. We have changed a lot of policies in the state that have reduced our spending, and that’s the wise way to do it, to actually fix things, make things work better so they cost less. Instead of just having to go in and ‘cut cut cut’.
The senator, who could soon be chairing the Senate Ways & Means Committee, said after cutting about 11 billion dollars over the past four years, lawmakers need to trim another 900-million dollars from the projected budget “we want to be able to do that, and not undo some of the positive things that we have been doing at the state level.
The 2013 Legislature kicks off its 105-day, “long session,” on January 14. However former House Majority Leader Lynn Kessler told yesterday’s crowd “I’ve recommended to a lot of the legislators that I’ve been talking to, to bring their spring and summer clothing…and be prepared.