Montesano Signs New Annual Contract With Grays Harbor County Jail

MONTESANO, Wash. – The City of Montesano this week signed a contract for jail services with the county for inmates with less than felony warrants. Included in the agreement is coverage of inmate’s medical treatment, as long as it’s in-house, City Attorney Dan Glenn told council at last night’s meeting “the crucial thing is that, as soon as a problem is identified they have a duty to notify the department. So that if there is a need to, the department can contact the judge to implement an order of release.”
Glenn said the city will make the call on a per-case basis if their inmate is suddenly stricken. The annual contract will auto renew unless either party notifies the other within 90 days, and includes an automatic adjustment based on a CPI percentage. “Nothing is perfect, but this is extended negotiations and we won’t get anymore surprises like we got at the start of this one.”
Police Chief Brett Vance told the council last year the city spent 3-400 on inmate medical expenses; “and most of it’s for pharmaceutical medications, like we have someone in jail on a misdemeanor charge or something, and they need their medication.” The contract does not include felony inmates, Vance said that will be negotiated with the cities next. 
The Elma city council voted to enter the agreement earlier this week.