New Greater Grays Harbor Energy Program Encourages Efficiency

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We were able to purchase a thermal imaging camera that, with the PUD’s blower door, can give you a comprehensive energy efficiency audit for the low price of $95 (market price can top $300). And if you make energy upgrades to your building with a PUD-approved contractor, you will get a rebate for the full price of that audit. The PUD will continue to do free walkthroughs to evaluate your structure’s energy usage, but the new equipment gives you the most precise overview of what your home needs.

You can trust the PUD to give you an objective audit. And with the help of our energy specialist, Rick Jackson, you will have help navigating both the contractors who are qualified to do the work to improve your building and the rebates that are available from different sources for improving lighting, HVAC systems, water heaters and weatherization.

You can get back up to $1,500 of the cost of the upgrades through our program, and you will continue to save month after month in your energy bills.