Washington Employers Posting New L&I Information

Employers may also receive advertisements from private vendors that sell these and other government posters. L&I does not charge for additional copies of the posters.

The major changes in the posters include:

Notice to Employees – If a Job Injury Occurs (Document/Ordering No. F242-191-909)

  • · Information added on L&I’s new medical provider network.
  • · New ways to file a Report of Accident including online and by phone.

For self-insured businesses:
Notice to Employees – Self-Insurance (Document/Ordering No. F207-037-909)

  • · Information added on the new medical provider network.
  • · Types of qualified health-care providers listed.
  • · Deadlines for filing claims provided.

Job Safety and Health Law (Document/Ordering No. F416-081-909)

  • · New requirement that employers fix cited serious hazards during appeal or request a “stay” of abatement when they file an appeal.
  • · How workers can file a discrimination complaint if they believe their rights under the Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act have been violated.

Your Rights as a Worker in Washington State (Document/Ordering No. F700-074-909)

  • · How victims of human trafficking can get help.
  • · Some poster content rewritten for clarity.