Governor’s Proposed Budget Includes Millions for Grays Harbor

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Facing a forcasted $900-million shortfall, and a court-mandated investment in K through 12 education, Governor Christine Gregoire’s proposed biennial capital budget released yesterday also included almost $30 million in funding for Chehalis River flood projects.
Cosmopolis Mayor Vickie Raines said of that, 2.2-million will fund a solution to the Mill Creek Dam, which breached in 2008. Also in the budget is 2.6 million to fund a flood levee on the Wishkah Road, 2-million for riverbank protection at Mary’s River Lumber in Montesano, and half-a-million each for the Satsop river floodplain, and Elma-Porter mitigation project. Aberdeen will split a million for dikes on the Wishkah river near Zelasko park, and Market street

In a statement, the governor said she agrees that the recommended actions, taken together, will help reduce flood damages in the short term, and put the Basin on firm footing to make critical decisions about large scale projects.