3 Arrested, 8 Ounces of Methamphetamine Confiscated

An ongoing investigation by the Grays Harbor County Drug Task Force into methamphetamine trafficing involving Aberdeen and Westport residents led to 3 arrests. Friday morning.. a Fourth woman was detained, and released….

The arrests were made subsequent to a controlled buy, multiple search warrants based on those arrests netted 8 ounces of methamphetamine, approx 8 thousand dollars, 3 rifles and 2 handguns from a home on Ocosta Street in Westport they also siezed 3 pickup trucks, 2 cars, and an ATV Quad, in the ongoing investigation.


News Director of Jodesha Broadcasting since October 2007. Dave Haviland moved to Grays Harbor in 1979 and graduated from Aberdeen High School in 1993.