Ocean Shores Children Busted Making Bogus 911 Calls

OCEAN SHORES, Wash. – Police have warned the parents of two children found making bogus 911 calls from the back of their school bus last week.
After five false alerts and hang-ups last Monday afternoon, E911 Dispatch traced 11 hang-up calls Wednesday morning to a school bus, which was contacted as it arrived at Ocean Shores Elementary school. Deputy Chief Russ Fitz with the Ocean Shores Police Department tells us it was determined that two 9-year-old juvenile males had placed the calls. The parents of the children were contacted and the school has taken disciplinary action. Due to the age of the children no criminal charges will be made.
Making false emergency 911 calls is a crime. The Ocean Shores Police ask that parents clearly outline the proper use of cell phones with their children. In the event that an accident were to occur while emergency personnel were responding to a false 911 call, parents may be found civilly liable for any damages or injuries resulting from their child’s misuse of the phone.