Strong Winds For Final Clam Dig, Snow Possible By Mid-Week

The National Weather Service in Seattle has informed Grays Harbor County Emergency Management of very hazardous weather beginning this afternoon through Monday.

A High Wind Warning Has been Issued for the Central Coast

At this time, this is the best projection from the National Weather Service is:

Today – High, sustained ESE winds of 25-40 mph, gusting 50-60mph have begun, especially along the coast and mouth of Grays Harbor. High winds will be felt throughout the county. Lots of rain will be associated with the storm.

Tonight into Monday – A rapid change will occur with a second, much stronger system, arriving between midnight and 4am Monday, winds will increase to 40-50mph sustained SW winds with gusts up to 70mph possible during the early hours Monday. The winds will subside through the afternoon. Heavy rain will arrive with the storm. Associated with this, coastal swells will increase to 20-25 feet bringing long wave run ups along the beaches. The concern is for a wave induced high tide raising tides 1-2 feet higher than normal producing lowland and coastal flooding. Areas such as Westport will be impacted.

Weekly Weather Outlook – Rain/snow possible midweek.. The Snow level will drop to 200-400 feet, coating many areas. The coast may see flurries. Little to no accumulation is expected although roads could become slick.

Clam Dig OutlookLow tide on Sunday is 8:47pm. High Surf Conditions will be building. DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK TO THE SEA! Waves will run up beaches much farther than usual. Darkness presents visibility issues. Beware of small children and pets being caught in the surf.

Residents are being urged to prepare for power outages, fallen trees, branches and wires due to strong wind gusts and saturated grounds. DO NOT use portable generators indoors or near windows or door openings. Never heat your home with your stove or oven. Beware of Carbon Monoxide poisoning and the effects on your family. Carbon Monoxide is deadly. If family members become ill, lethargic , complain of headache or nausea, leave the house immediately and call 911 from outside or a neighbors home. Do not return to the home!

Grays Harbor County Emergency Management will continue to monitor the conditions throughout the event. All residents are advised to take all necessary precautions to protect homes, property and family.