64-Foot “Wave” Spotted in Aberdeen

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Almost 11 years after a fire destroyed the Weatherwax High School in Aberdeen the wave at the corner of Simpson and Park is starting to swell.
Resurgence constructionArtist Adam Kuby was in town yesterday, working on the Weatherwax Art Project, which is made up of sandstone recovered from the fire that destroyed the former high school January 5th 2002. “there’s a lot of prep work. We’re going to start installing the actual stonework March first. We’re creating the land form of the wave now, we want to let it settle a couple of months to make sure that when we actually put the artwork in it’s not going to settle.”
Kuby said the sandstone blocks that will make up the cresting 64-foot ocean wave will start showing up beginning in March, The Portland artist was commissioned by the Grays Harbor Community Foundation to build the Memorial to the Weatherwax family titled “Resurgence.”