Lewis County Sheriff Warns: Theft is on The Rise This Holiday

Having predictable schedules and going to and from work the same way every day is like handing burglars a copy of your schedule. Try a different route home every once and a while and if you live close enough, come home a couple of times during the day. If you have neighbors be sure and ask them to call you if they see any suspicious people walking by or looking at your property.

If you leave for the weekend or on vacation ask someone to drop by once and a while to check on things.

Do not let your mail accumulate in your mailbox when you are gone. Have a family member or friend drop by and pick it up for you.

In addition to deadbolts on your doors consider adding a chain lock. Be sure and use longer screws, if possible, than the ones that come with the lock. Door that are not regularly used can be barricaded to reduce the chance of someone coming in them.

Be sure and check to make sure that there is no extra space around your exterior doors. That extra space makes it easier for a burglar to get your door open.

Security System
Having a security system will not stop a break-in but it can greatly reduce the number of items that someone is able to steal from your home. It will also notify you and the police the moment that it goes off.

Installing a home security system with a monthly fee is not your only option. You can install security features on your home with little cost and no monthly fees. Consider door wedges. They are a secondary security feature that can prevent your door from opening more than a few inches. Some even come with an alarm feature that will go off.

Do not place your valuables in obvious spots. The theft of a laptop could perhaps be prevented if not left it in sight on the dining room table.

Try putting valuables under the bottom of a shelf, in a cabinet-not the entertainment center, in a drawer, or in the bathroom. Don’t go for the obvious.

Putting your valuables and firearms in a safe can greatly reduce the chance of them being stolen but only if the safe is not something a thief can pick up and walk away with. Consider bolting in into the shelf in your closet.