Washington Corrections Officer Anosiasio Loleto “Lolo” Tuivai Becomes U.S. Citizen

When asked why she wanted to become a citizen, Tuivai responded, “Money, man. The United States is full of opportunities.”  Since then, coworkers have joked with her that she is now AC Lolo (American Citizen Lolo) whenever she demands anything or takes advantage of an opportunity. On a more practical note, being a citizen also helps with traveling back to see her family in Tonga, New Zealand and Australia. 

Tuivai has a variety of hobbies and things she enjoys doing, like Zumba, to which her coworkers can attest. She also does kickboxing, crocheting and tennis, and enjoys spending time with her granddaughter, Lupeolo, who was born October 25, 2011.

We congratulate Officer Tuivai on this achievement, which took months of preparation and dedication.  We are proud to call her a fellow citizen.