State and Businesses Working to Keep Traffic Moving During an Emergency

After I-5 closed from flooding in 2007 and again in early 2009, WSDOT and the Washington Trucking Association, Washington State Patrol, Washington Emergency Management Division and Washington State Patrol developed the CVPS.

Ivanov said WSDOT can modify the CVPS to work anywhere in the state when there is a multi-day highway closure on a priority freight route and there is an alternate route available.

“I-5 is one of our state’s primary freight routes, so it was important to have the cameras and signs on the road,” she said. “But if we need to prioritize freight movement due to a long-term closure, we can put the CVPS into use for other freight routes too.”

Besides monitoring roadway and traffic conditions during emergencies, WSDOT will use the new equipment in Lewis County to monitor traffic and provide traveler information on a day-to-day basis, supplementing its information available on the road and the WSDOT Traveler Information website