Federal Funds to Help Replace Three Grays Harbor Bridges

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Grays Harbor has three among seventy city and county projects across the state that will receive a portion of $130 million in federal funds to repair or replace aging bridges.

The Washington State Department of Transportation selected projectsthat will replace, remove and/or repair aging, obsolete and structurally deficient bridges. The funding comes from the Federal Highway Fund, and will provide almost $6-million to replace the Garrard Creek, Delezenne Creek, and Keal Road bridges in Grays Harbor County.

“Some of these bridges are beyond the point of repair and need to be replaced,” said Kathleen Davis, director of Highways and Local Programs with WSDOT. “Many of them, though, can be repaired, which will add many more years of operation to their lifespan.”

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WSDOT and the Bridge Replacement Advisory Committee received and reviewed 87 applications.

The committee is comprised of bridge and engineering professionals, with three members each from Washington cities and counties.

The committee’s primary objective is to enhance traveler safety through replacement and rehabilitation of old, worn-out bridges owned by cities and counties.