Resident Deputy Recognizes “Local” on Surveillance Footage

HOQUIAM, Wash. – Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the shop area of a business located in the 800 block of US Highway 101 north of Hoquiam. Upon arrival, deputies learned from the owner that his shop had recently been broken into so he had just installed a surveillance system. The owner advised when he arrived at his shop just prior to calling 911, he noticed someone had broken into his shop again.

The owner viewed his video surveillance system and observed a light colored vehicle pull up to his shop and a white male about 55 years of age get out. The unknown male then entered the shop and proceeded to steal a small amount of money and food items. The original deputies that arrived on scene did not recognize the suspect. North Beach Resident Deputy Rob Wilson was called to the scene and recognized the suspect as someone from his assigned area. Deputies then responded to the suspect’s residence on Ocean Beach Road and arrested him for Burglary. The suspect’s vehicle matched the vehicle seen on the video surveillance system entering the victim’s property. Items from the burglary were located inside the suspect’s vehicle. The 54 years of age suspect was then transported to Grays Harbor County Jail. Investigators are continuing to follow-up on whether this individual was responsible for the other burglary.