“Five-Oh” Too Late For Some Pot Busts?

COSMOPOLIS, Wash. – As the State Liquor Control Board outlines implementation for Washington’s initiative to legalize recreational marijuana use, some local authorities are in a holding pattern.
Cosmopolis Police Chief Casey Stratton said his department was working on a significant case involving the controlled substance “but since last night we are going to wait until we contact the Grays Harbor County Prosecutor to see what his views are now.”
We won’t disclose the details of that investigation here, but Stratton said the case involved more than a month of work on what would have been considered a “large bust” prior to the passage of Initiative 502, but now “What we’re doing is holding investigations to this point for anything marijuana related, because we wanted to get some direction first” said Stratton.
Litigation from the federal level could also gum up the process. Stratton says in the meantime his department, like many in Washington State, waits.