Baumgartner Concedes to US Senator Maria Cantwell

OLYMPIA, Wash. – State Senator Michael Baumgartner ended his election challenge to U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell today at 9 p.m., conceding the race and thanking his supporters.

“Although we did not win, we were heard and we should all be proud of how hard we fought to try to fix our broken Washington DC, and to make known that we will not accept $16 trillion in debt, a poorly planned foreign policy and the erosion of the liberties that make America exceptional,” the Spokane Republican said.

The Baumgartner campaign raised one million dollars, while Cantwell raised almost $10 million.

“Thanks to your support we raised a million dollars – and we put it to good use. Our money mostly came in small donations, under $100, with scarcely any money from large corporations or mega donors. It wasn’t enough money to win the race, but it was enough to convince me that the race wasn’t in vain – that it was worth the time and the effort – and the long drives across I-90 – to be able to give voice to the frustrations and the hopes of so many people,” Baumgartner said. “We knew this was an uphill battle to win this race and become the youngest Senator in Washington’s history.”

Baumgartner also thanked his wife Eleanor, noting that during this campaign their second son, Roman, was born, joining 2-year old Conrad in the Baumgartner family.

“Eleanor and I are so appreciative of the literally thousands of people who have helped with their contributions and the amazing volunteer effort you put forth,” he said. “We are especially humbled by the many kind notes of encouragement many of you sent – they’ll be treasured for years to come – and, of course, the outpouring of warmth towards our two little boys, Conrad and Roman – the inspiration for this campaign.”