UPDATE: Election 2012 Preliminary Results

MONTESANO, Wash. – With just over 64% voter turnout in Grays Harbor county, and an estimated 5,000 ballots left to count, the Polish Hall in Aberdeen was abuzz with Democratic jubilation last night. County Commissioner candidate Frank Gordon was confident “Well it looks like I’m ahead, and I know they have [another] count Friday but it looks like I’m going to win and there’s going to be a big change coming to Montesano.” The competition, Alan Shores agreed… conceding to Gordon last night, Shores told The Daily World that he didn’t think he’d be able to close the gap of about 3,400 votes.

In the race for Commissioner position 1, Wes Cormier leads over Terry Willis by about 850 votes, after the encumbent Willis saw her numbers down in the primary, she promised to step up her game, Cormier said last night that he noticed “Yes I absolutely did notice, in fact we accidentally met door knocking in Cosmopolis. She runs a really good campaign given the primary results and how good of a campaign she runs I think it could be very close.”
In the PUD Commissioner’s race, Arie Callaghan leads Chris Thomas by over 2500 votes.
Westport is passing an emergency medical levy, while Fire District 5 in East County is rejecting a critical levy lid lift. Chief Dan Prater said after multiple failed levies, his department is struggling to stay afloat.
We’ve done so good at providing great service with very little. Now we’re at that breaking point where I don’t have the money to fix the stuff. So now when it breaks down it it doesn’t get fixed it sits there. So the next time you call, you may not get a fire truck, you may not get an ambulance, I may loose people. – FD5 Fire Chief Dan Prater
An EMS levy for Fire District 12 is passing, and two multi-county levys for Fire District 15 are passing with Pacific County’s votes tallied in.
State Senator Michael Baumgartner conceded to U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell one hour after the polls closed last night.
Senators Jim Hargrove, Brian Hatfield, and State Representatives Brian Blake, Dean Takko, Steve Tharinger, and Kevin Van De Wege all retain their offices with preliminary numbers. Representative Blake stopped by on his way to remove campaign signs this morning.
Anybody can be beat, and that’s the beauty of our system. I think that you have to go out there and campaign hard and let the people know that you want the job and that they should hire you. That’s what I did and it seemed to resonate with people in the district. – State Representative Brian Blake
Democrat Suzan Dell-Benny is leading in the race for the state’s newest congressional district, north of Seattle.
Washington state’s race for governor will take longer to decide, with election officials estimating hundreds of thousands of votes left to count statewide. Democrat Jay Inslee held a promising lead last night, carrying 51 percent of ballots. Republican Rob McKenna was struggling in King County, which also held many of the votes still left to count.
Washington’s popular vote goes to Barack Obama, with 55.2% to Mitt Romney’s 42.75%
County Auditor Vern Spatz said of 38,307 registered voters, 24,528 ballots had been received and counted when the polls closed last night, Spatz expected about 5,000 more to arrive in the mail before Friday’s update, with the election results certified on November 27th.
View results and updates on the state website at http://vote.wa.gov/results/current/graysharbor/
Pacific County is reporting 70% voter turnout with about 1000 ballots left to count, Steve Rogers has a strong lead to take the County Commissioner position 1 seat, while Frank Wolfe is leading the race for position 2.
EMS Prop1 is passing with 64%