Olympia Woman Arrested 700 Times by Washington State Patrol

Academy Commander Captain Marc Lamoreaux says it’s rare for members of the public to start yelling, but sooner or later every trooper is in the verbal cross-hairs.  

“We take pride in our ability to ignore rude behavior and focus on doing our jobs in a professional manner,” Lamoreaux said. “Emme’s acting ability gives cadets a chance to learn that the yelling and swearing is really just noise. It also gives instructors a chance to see how each cadet reacts.”

Cadets frequently cite McAbee’s acting as the most memorable part of what the patrol calls “Mega-Practicals,” two days of responding to mock scenes staged around the Academy. Mega-Practicals are the final stages of training before cadets leave the Academy for nearly two months of riding with experienced troopers called “coaches.”   

During a recent round of Mega-Practicals, cadets not only responded to McAbee’s case of roadside domestic violence, but they took turns investigating mock collisions, making mock felony stops, arresting mock DUIs, and of course writing mock tickets.

They even had to face mock reporters showing up at scenes seeking information.

This particular group of cadets make up the Patrol’s 100th Trooper Basic Training Class, and will formally graduate at the end of their coaching trips on Dec. 14th.

This month’s edition of the WSP video series “Good to Know” focuses on the most recent set of Mega-Practical exercises, and can be found on YouTube, or click on following link