UPDATE: Hurricane Sandy Impacts Families in the Pacific Northwest

I read transcripts from New Orleans families begging to be rescued, even to the point of tying themselves in crawl spaces of their homes threatened by rising water and tremendous sustained winds and hurricane gusts. I can show my parents pictures of the aftermath of Katrina, but I believe they have now become overconfident in their ability to withstand anything nature can muster.
Preparedness will be a constant battle for not only my family but for all people. I believe there are a great deal of people who are overconfident in their ability to withstand any severe weather and disaster event. Many continue to rely on the government to send the National Guard to rescue them if it is bad enough. Hurricane Sandy impacted tens of millions of people in numerous states. Luckily, the new and improved FEMA and their enhanced deployment tactics and communication between the Governors and the White House were able to respond pre-event and now following. We will read of the great strides FEMA has made in the past few years and they are tremendous, yet while you are feeling  confident that FEMA will be coming to your aid during your specific disaster, remember the citizens of New Jersey. Thousands had to be rescued and many have lost everything from the hurricane. Nobody wants to identify with them. Their plight could envelope many of us in a future coastal storm, flood or earthquake.
The hype of Hurricane Sandy will eventually pass. The media will stop reporting on the recovery efforts and in time we’ll forget about Hurricane Sandy only to be remembered as a future trivia question. What we all need to constantly remember, is the physical, emotional and psychological toll a disaster provides for everyone; the directly impacted and their extended families throughout the country. We must prepare for everything.