Record Breaking Turnout for Washington’s Mock Election

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Although this year’s Student Mock Election won’t end for another day, Washington students already have shattered the turnout record for this annual weeklong event.

As of 1 p.m. Thursday, 24,363 school and homeschooled students had voted in the Mock Election, including 18,849 students in grades 6-12 and 5,514 students in grades K-5. The previous record was about 18,000, set in 2008. Elections Division staffers predicted 25,000 would take part in this year’s election, so it’s almost certain that this year’s turnout will surpass their prediction.


The Student Mock Election began Monday morning. It closes Friday at 1 p.m. Students who haven’t voted yet can go to the Mock Election website to vote and learn more about it. Results will be posted within 30 minutes on the Mock Election website.

No preregistration is needed for students to vote in the Mock Election. Students in grades 6-12 vote for most of the same statewide measures that adults see on their ballots. K-5 students are given a shorter, more age-appropriate ballot. Students, teachers and parents can read about the 2012 measures using kid-friendly voters’ guides. Go here to view the sample ballots and voters’ guides.