Raymond Elementary Evacuated Due to Propane Leak

RAYMOND, Wash. – The Raymond Elementary School has returned to class after a propane leak prompted an evacuation this afternoon. Chief Criminal Deputy Pat Matlock tells us a Pacific County Sheriff’s Deputy spotted the plume of propane over a 1000 gallon tank being refueled at the school just before noon Friday. Matlock said just after the block was cordoned off “we have an obviously hazardous situation, we have about a block and a half cordoned off and the school has been evacuated for safety reasons.”
The Raymond Fire Department, Raymond and South Bend Police, and the Sheriff’s Office evacuated the area and waited for the propane to bleed off of the tank, the refueling truck parked next to the tank was a potential danger. After the propane was allowed to bleed off, the Raymond Fire Chief gave the all clear and the school was allowed to return to class. The propane company will be investigating the leaking valve that caused the plume in the first place.